Since becoming a VA I have been asked firstly what is a VA and then would I need a VA.

My answer is a VA is a PA working for you virtually and not only saving you on costs to having a permanent employee but many other advantages which I will discuss in another blog.

Would you need a VA ?

Yes, everyone needs a VA, even a VA would need a VA. Reading various articles and blogs it confirms that contracting a VA is a necessity as a start up business or small business. When we start our business we need to manage mostly admin such as setting up the email, website, social media pages, finding new clients, setting up documents such as quotes etc. We find ourselves managing all the admin and losing focus on growing your business.

Once we have sorted out our admin in our business it doesn’t stop there but just grows and grows and we find ourselves playing catch up every evening instead of having “me” time or “family” time.

A VA can assist in so many ways it is hard to put it all down on paper so its best to sit with a VA and explain a day in your life and look at what a VA can manage on your behalf. Start small and then increase tasks as you see the need or feel comfortable with your VA to take on more.

Then we have the Executives which also need a VA, if not for your business life but for your personal life. You need to go see the Chiro as you have a sore back but due to your time constraints we end up getting forced to make that appointment when its too late and need 5 sessions instead of maybe 1 or 2 sessions if you just had time to book the appointment. Then wouldn’t it be great to get home and your groceries have been delivered while you went to the doc or you were stuck in traffic so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting dinner done when you finally get home.

Yes, life happens and having a VA just makes life a little easier.



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